Electric Theatric Operation was an 8 hour performance installation connected live art
between Waag Soceity / Theatrum Anatomicum Amsterdam and ArtSpace Gallery Sydney, Sunday 17 August 2003.

The 8 hour performance was divided into seven sections. A video projector was suspended vertically and displayed alternate output from realtime video/animation patches or live audio/video feed into both spaces. Three television monitors placed on the floor in Amsterdam displayed live video outputs of the space and a video stream from Sydney.

The spaces were filled with props: a trunk full of dresses, a large sub woofer, amplifier, bass guitar, accordion, a screen made of petals and flower, a stack of pillows, children's music boxes. Operations and tasks were completed and sent to one another for instance: sister O in a sequinned top vibrates a container of water with her bass guitar, sister O reveals invisible text on her body by fanning herself with an uv light. sister O assembles a light seeking robot while sister O knits and swigs beer. sister O teaches the children to drive the robot with a torch, sister O breathes through her accordion. Sister O sings from the balcony. sister O dances the tango in the Nieuwmarkt.
(8am - 9.15 am) Amsterdam
(4pm - 5.15pm) Sydney
distributing text / inscription on streets by sister O collective
sister O busker remembers how to play 'Gnossiene' by Satie
(9.15-10.30) - Amsterdam
(5.15- 6.30) - Sydney
sister O constructs the underwater data base with software generation, petals, beer cans, flour and old analogue tapes
the sister O collective enter into a transformation session of beer cans by using software for video scape and to generate sound from the image
(10.30-11.45) - Amsterdam
(6.30- 7.45) - Sydney
sister O resonates the cellular network with a bass guitar
sister O is knitting sound tape celluar vibrations resonate across continents
(11.45 am -1.00 pm ) Amsterdam
(7.45 pm - 9.00pm) Sydney
conversation of 6 voices text dance in a luminescent data base
sister O reconstructs the underwater data base with white flower petals
sister O reveals and conceals text with a UV light and plays music box dancer on a pianola

(1.00 pm -2.15) Amsterdam
(9.00pm - 10.15) Sydney
sister O breathes with an accordian and watches the underwater data base manifest the evolving video scape
(2.15-3.30) Amsterdam
(10.15- 11.30) Sydney
action 1 sister O reconstructs underwater database with white flour petals
action 2 sister O releases the clown in to another state with Keyworx
action 3 sister O assembles a light seeking robot
action 1 sister O reconstructs underwater database with white flour petals
Track 7
(3.30-4.00) Amsterdam
(11.30- 12 midnight) Sydney
sister O transforms an anonymous sculpture of Isabelle and 1100 Maidens into insect gerl with Keyworx sister O's meet in sound mixed in with singing in Sydney