Broadcasting toolsets and networked performance[s].

A series of performances highlighting remote artists in regional areas.
Often including a hands on workshop and/ or presntation.

The project reflects on how our contemporary collective consciousness can, & indeed is, distributed across space, time and locale. Networked implies a performance event happening simultaneously in multiple spaces, using the Internet as a platform to link & engage people & places.

This project is particularly concerned with the affordances of the Internet medium in telematic performance[s] & will encourage radical & diverse approaches to process, production & practice. It explores networked communication & emergent technologies through the elaboration & enactment of a networked performance & the Internet as a collaborative platform.

The project’s objectives include:
Examining Internet protocols;
exploring their limitations & developing aesthetic possibilities;
Creative Interrogation through co-authorship, collaboration,
improvised performance & identity play;
Bridging time zones & distance through collaborative production;
Building scripts/scenarios/plots for networked expression;
Developing Familiarisation with electronic performance tools
via interface development in possibly collaboration with the Pure Data community;
Utilizing the creative potential use of the new Australian NBN network.

If you are interesetd in a workshop that employs freesoftware tools & promotes Open Source processes. Workshop participants will be directed in best use of the software, as well as being instructed regarding issues involving concepts surrounding networked performance[s] as artform[s]. Artists will:
Implement & install the software on the Freesoftware GNU/Linux Platform;
Develop scripts & frames [including mise-en-scene, composition, & scenography];
Consider & construct variables relevant to a dramaturgical system of tasks to be performed/executed by remote participants [such as continuity, lag, & documentation].

There will be an extended emphasis on scripting for networked performance[s] by working with carefully crafted instructions, sensitising participants to remote experiences, & encouraging reflections on different methods of operation in networked-mediated environments. Artists will be encouraged to examine tensions of collaboration & physical separation as they [& we as team] negotiate relationships through presence, networked encounters & objects via video imagery, computer software & digital networks.
WORLD CLOCK – for networked syncing
* in PureData & networked performances with Audrey Samson [2010]
* Electric Theatric Operation : 8 hour durational performance. Artspace Sydney / Waag Society for/new & old Media Amsterdam.
* Error_in_Time(v.3) in the 'Art of Hacking' Exhibition - featuring sister0 (Nancy Mauro-Flude), ko66 (Sara Platon), and netwurker_Mez (Mez Breeze), inspired questions on the radicalism and embodiment of FreeSoftware and free spirits.
NETWORKED PERFORMANCE - > Nancy Mauro-Fludes Past projects in breif:
* I-map workshop and performance : Nancy Mauro-Flude WaagSociety for/new & old media, in co-operation with partners from Greece, Bulgaria and Germany.
* Nancy Mauro-Flude in collaboration with Audrey Samson. A Networked performance in de Oude Kerk (oldest church in Amsterdam) as a part of ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ evening of performance art, in the context of Museumnacht. 06/10/2010 n8 PRIZE WINNER FOR BEST event!