Nancy Mauro-Flude

I am a digital caretaker, artist, and writer based in lutruwita/Tasmania. I am passionate about eco-social digital transformation, sustainability, and designing for digital cultural heritage and biome conservation for today, which are crucial for our survival tomorrow.

I seek to explore the potential emergent technology with communities through co-designing sensitive strategies. Propelling the values of 'permacomputing' towards broader public engagement is a vital part of this intention.

By situating computing within its bio-geo-eco-cultural context (i.e., reducing our digital carbon footprint - server farms consume way too much energy) I explore and support living beings' journey to consummate the vast energy and lifestyle changes necessary to promote holistic technology design and use in various habitats.

The projects I devise are grounded in feminist methods of awareness raising and cooperative traditions (i.e., combining yarning and digital literacy sewing circles).

It is my conviction that artists possess a profound repository of tacit strategies to reshape business and economics. As marginal yet powerful actors, artists and their methods applied tactically harbour the potential to prompt radical shifts in our understandings of exchange, trade and diverse economy.

My insights are informed by an extensive international network spanning the free software movement, creative industries, and art-tech research institutes. I act locally to foster awareness about the bio-socio-cultural dimensions and impact of planetary computing and digital infrastructure.

My focus is on restorative initiatives synthesising user experience (UX) methodologies with sustainability imperatives. These encompass place-based economies, low-carbon computing standards in digital infrastructure such as life cycle assumptions exemplified in the "right to repair and reuse' countercultures and place-based forms of trade in codesign and UX research.

Over the past two decades, I have been dedicated to addressing digital inequality as a multifaceted and critical concern because informed and socially engaged populations can drive development and growth.

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We need to understand just how visceral the Internet is and what has to be done to disrupt normative exchanges with hardware and engage corporeally. To think kinetically and materially is to evoke and sense beyond the fingers that type the commands into the operating system and feel the ‘sixty different minerals’ that make up the computer chips extracted from unceded lands.

Attending to the touch of the metal allows us to connect with the properties of these elements that make the hard, smooth, shiny surfaces, to be both mesmerised by its talisman-like qualities and be troubled by the ethics of participating in extractive violence. This can foster intuitive solidarity networks with minerals, lifeforms, humans, and non-humans.

All the while, the cat sits on the keyboard.

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