work in progress 2023
Rhapsody i
Nancy Mauro-Flude, in collaboration with Margie Medlin and Matt Daniels

Rhapsody is an unruly computer-game installation that, in a spirited manner, tackles the intergenerational impact of family violence

The game’s protagonist Rhapsody is a playful sorceress.
From her perspective, you play the game through triggering poetic cut-ups of vocabulary and sound assemblages, and the user is enabled to rewrite the narrative and overcomes obstacles.

Through UX and dramaturgical input, Nancy Mauro-Flude will ensure that Rhapsody offers the players actual creativity while engaging in User experience (UX) design to deliver meaningful experiences to audiences. Nancy will work with the team to ensure the languages of the project are critically addressing the feminist and socially engaged aims of the project; Matt Daniels game design expertise places emphasis on the development and realisation of story-board worlds as game-play experiences.

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