'Charming Atavisims: New Perspectives in the PatchingZone' in _Real projects
for real people_, vol. 1. Editor: Anne Nigten.
Publisher: V2_ publishing Distribution: Nai. ISBN: 9789056627973

a motley crew of SELECTED PUBLICATIONS by Nancy Mauro-Flude = Click for the text [rarely updated]
'I See You' in Supermassive Blackhole Issue 4/2010 Edited by Barry W Huges.
ISSN 2009-2288

'Linux for Theatre Makers: Embodiment & *nix modus operandi'
2008 in FLOSS+Art Edited by: Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk
London: Mute Publishing Ltd
ISBN-10: 1906496188 ISBN-13: 978-1906496180

'Circe’s New Equipment and sister0's P A R A P H E R N A L I A'
.dpi Journal #22. an alternative forum for discourse and creation, on the subject of women, media and technological landscapes.

ism | breath | she | who | with | I : A day of regex poetry with Virginia in GEEK MOOK Vingette Press http://vignettepress.com.au/ | http://j.mp/geek-mook

‘Embracing new technology: welcoming video art into the classroom.’(2010) MOVE: Video Art in schools video package introduction. Partnership between Kaldor Art Projects and the NSW Department of Education and Training. TMAG and Detached.

'Peacock Theatre - Sound to Light' Lowdown Magazine 2010, Nancy Mauro-Flude

'Indonesian Local Archives Project [LAP]' 2009 by Nancy Mauro-Flude

'The art of storage and transmission. Tactical media for artists and activists':
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] Communications Forum and International Conference 'Media in Transition 6: stone and papyrus, storage and transmission.' Online Publication.

'Linux for Theatre Makers: Embodiment & *nix modus operandi':
-FLOSS+Art book. London: OpenMute [2008].
Mute Publishing Ltd (29 Aug 2008) # ISBN-10: 1906496188 # ISBN-13: 978-1906496180
-The Institute of Network Cultures (INC) Portal.
-CAST – ejournal STOCK_SITE (2008-9)

'Bricolage, a design approach for local & emergent technologies: Electronic Performance Tools & the Vanity Apocalypse'(2007) -submitted as MA Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Master of Arts (Media Design). The Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy Hogeschool Rotterdam.
-International Journal of Performance Art & Digital Media (Intellect Press)

'Theoria Cum Praxi: Some Thoughts About Practice-based PhDs' (2008)

-The Institute of Network Cultures (INC) Portal.

'Social software: fiction, action-at-a-distance & dolls' (2005):
-MUTE beta Online
- [PROLOGUE 2] journal Marina Grzinic, ed. Print newspaper
-The Institute of Network Cultures (INC) Portal.

'sistero.sysx.org/mythengine/writingsondance' (2005) :
-Writings on Dance journal Vibrant Bodies/Complex systems #23. S Gardener, E Dempster Eds.

‘Artist Feature sister O media divinations’ (2005)
-Connected: Live Art. Waag Society For /old New media. Catalogue Ed. Sher Doruff.

'What is a dasart, anyway?'

'A commentary on the 3rd European Symposium on Gender & ICT: working for Change in Manchester.' February 18, 2005

‘Live Ethno-blogger’, A Decade of Webdesign. Media Design Research, Piet Zwart Institute of Network Cultures.

'Dutch Electronic Art Festival [DEAF04] Affective Systems (seminar) featuring LiveForm: Telekinetics '

Communicating Corporeal Experience = Theatre & Bio-terrorism?’ April 2004 in Furtherfield.org

'dance of the cubes' in Futherfield.org May 2004
'Plenum: Security is an illusion, encoding fragility' (2006)http://1010.co.uk/xxxxx.php

Reflections upon my first two blocks at DasArts.
While unravelling all my notes, a reflection upon my encounters at DasArts, I was listening to the BBC world radio, and a message was secreted to me, from a far distant realm. Actually, I am under no illusions that it was an encrypted tenet especially for me, in fact is was very straight forward - although I am certain the radio segment meant a great deal more to me than most others who may have been listening. A presenter was talking about sacred mediaeval gardens and how the waterfall in this space, symbolised a phantom. Architecturally the waterfall is the central exhibit and is a symbol of the phantom of the Virgin Mary, from where all life flows. This garden was a sacred space, a zone out of time, a place for one to connect with the evanescent qualities of life. One could use the garden as a retreat, but that is not what the garden was for. It was a place to rediscover what the world ought to be like, and to emanate these atmospheres back out into the world. ....CLICK HERE FOR MORE

xxxxx [17th November 2007 in Bergen, Norway] speculative 12 hour life coding event (organising hardware and software): Saturday 17th November 2007 as part of the Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway (http://piksel.no)

[THIS IS AN ACCOUNT MY NANCY MAURO-FLUDE as official notetaker.]
Please find here reports, reviews and updates into current projects I am curating, convening and exhibiting, including writings as honorary researcher at Institute of Network Cultures University of Amsterdam; articulating the resonances and dissonances between performing arts and computer science.