Telematic Broadcasting Tools and Scenarios
DATE 1-4 August 2012

Leaders: Nancy Mauro-Flude, Audrey Samson

Schedule: 1-4 August, from 10 to 14pm (4 days)
Required skills: Agility, confidence with a computer (no need to be an expert)
Required materials: (any) Laptop with ethernet port or wifi card.
Group: 10-12 people
Participation: Free
Location: 24HR Art - Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art Vimy Lane, Parap Shopping Village


The workshop will be held in an open lab format with explanations, demos, and one-on-one attention.
Workshop participants should bring a laptop computer, any operating system is fine,
but be prepared to have your admin/root password install some new tools
or use a GNU/Linux LIVE CD (we will provide).
We’ll use intuition and curiosity as our guide.

In this intensive workshop we will teach low level communication tools using mainly the command line interface. In doing so, participants will learn a little bit about command line computing (commandline fu!), an alternative interface paradigm, as opposed to ready-made shrink wrap applications of a Graphical User Interface (which often require high bandwidth, fast costly computers etc). The former, is an expressive language within in a 'shell', where as, the later, Users interact with the computer by pointing at the objects they can see on the screen. We explore chartroom ethics, code poetry, chatbots, networked communication Internet Relay Chat(IRC), Virtual Network Clients (VNC) the Internet as a performance platform and how to slip & unfold in non-local and local space.

*** There is an opportunity to experience this first hand, by being a participant in a networked performance using on the eve of Friday 3 August ***

The workshop leaders and participants will perform a short piece to conclude the workshop on 4th August. This improvised piece will be developed for the area in and around the workshop space (within wireless range). The participants will have experimented with networked performance composition models, tools, scenography and improvisation structures as well as dabbled into regular expressions and networked communication software IRC.

DAY 01
DAY 02
DAY 03
DAY 04
Darwin Community Arts' Frontline Media in conjunction with 24HR Art present Error_in_Time(): Friday, 3rd August 2012, 6:00 PM, 24HR Art Gallery, Parap.