Live coding Performance installation : SCRYING MEA Performance - Nancy Mauro-Flude. Thank you to John Dalton for technical support and expertise.

"People got digital on an ancient practice with artist Nancy Mauro-Flude, maven of the matrix, at MONA. Arcane sorceress and digital divinator sister0 manifested a pataphysical salon from her underwater data base right into the Triangle Teepee on the MONA lawns with the performance SCRYING: MEA. Fortune telling has always been around at markets – from Russian peasants divining chicken entrails to Romani nomads reading Tarot cards and Voudou Priestesses stitching amulets. Divination is an old repository of knowledge – what we’ve come today to call a ‘database’. In our digital era, the agency of the oracle is shifting. SCRYING: MEA takes the Romantic idea of the human-as-medium connected to another realm and gives it over to the computer. She will predicate the willing market guests’ information, in which a Tarot reading takes place by a fembotic mechanism. A cypher. Sans chicken entrails. SCRYING: MEA strips away both the historical significance and ideologies from what we think divination might be, through an encoded choreography that generates new forms of looking into the future, detached from their original context."
Commissioned by MOMA Museum of New and Old Art, Feb 2013 - [MORE INFO]
Screen shot of 'digital scrying' process
Visitors End Results from Scrying Mea
--- Digital (screenshot) (Tarot Card printed edition /100 ) Analogue ---