'On sensitivity in art of women' Frieraum Q21, Museum Quartier Vienna. (2008)
"Performing artist and 'queen' of uncensored data, provides her audience with a sensitive view on the uncanny repetition of 'dead girls' in life, art and literature; with the work 'My First Burial'.
-Skin is longing for a cream" – Curator Ivana Moncolová (SVK)
Lust for Life - Contemporary Art Services Tasmania (2009)
"Nancy Mauro-Flude’s gritty video and installation digs down into the ‘rot and beauty of contemporary daily life’ and its paraphernalia. " Curator: Lucy Bleach (AU)
Featured in:
World-Ex-Position Vienna (2008)
"Speaking of technobiopolitics, and all subjectivity as mediated through 0 and 1, sister0 (a.k.a. Nancy Mauro-Flude) performed the film-lecture-performance Sister0,'queen of uncensored data' connects in 'my first burial' the Shaman Rattle of an exoticised elsewhere with todays technopolitics. Here, Sister0 shows in lines of thought and performance the desire to transcend time and space as patterns of continuity, while the concrete historical fields changes, but she never forgets about the sexual politics immanent to these fields as situated practices. It was hilarious and serious, funny and destructive performance, dealing with questions of life and death as it was encapsulated in Marx reading: amaking the ossified conditions dance by singing them their own melody."
Fahim Amir http://www.metamute.org/en/node/11500
Control and eradication of bodies, dance, software, hardware, plants and herbs is undoubtedly one of the most enduring effects on those who generate life and the formless world of those presences beyond this physical world. Concerned with disorientated, ostracized, banished or imperiled bodies of knowledge and am interested in the transmission and retrieving of them, I went on a journey to South Colombia look at how ancient practices of plant usage [software] and props and talisman [hardware] are related to the ubiquity of computational media platforms nowadays.
Whist there I experienced a burial, my first burial...