Example text 01

White frame, many cracks cover the right corner to the centre, a single fine crack creeps from the left. In Black and White, a young girl wearing a school uniform sits sideways centre of the frame, she leans forward into the shadow that encompasses her from the torso up. Shafts of light and white paper surrounds the first third of the frame, a box of pencils and drawing paraphernalia is located front left corner. A tabby cat, on all fours stands behind her and stares deadpan into the lens, no filter.
Looking for an image to protect me.
Nancy Mauro-Flude

A photo essay in 6 texts.

_On my journey to find sleep I hunted for an image that would protect me...I couldn't find anything._

These are quiet texts, as works of art that in detail describe an image “Deadpan stare; no filter”, “Coincidentally autofocused raindrops”.
As if I am a camera, I re-process the image and share these descriptions, (instead of images) with the reader.
These are not any random scene’s, these are reports are of my favourite images, that I carry with me; my totem animal in a shaft of light, a woman moving as if she was a spider in black and white. Saturated by postmodern art of hype and surfaces, pulsations of the membrane; it's impossible to distinguish now between literal and metaphorical levels of meaning, between sensuous images and intellectual symbols, or between physical and metaphysical wounds. They all flow together in the folds and ripples of my flesh as Henri Bergson eloquently comments “I see plainly how external images influence the image that I call my body: they transmit movement to it.” So too, every symbolic articulation, every inscription of meaning, leaves a scar in my flesh. Saint Augustine's paean to memory in the Confessions calls this an "inner place, which is as yet no place," piled high with images, information, emotions, and experiences,"Over all these do I run, I fly".