Circe's New Equipment is a kinetic sculpture, an assemblage of paraphernalia from unwanted elements.

Presented as if it is an altar, although not to worship, but to contemplate the wreckage
- the sacrificial destruction of utility, the drives, forms and structures, the exuberance and vertigo that embrace
both the human and non-human orders.

In our scramble to be useful, we delimit the set of our potential actions casting a utilitarian
role to our calculating machines. Giving insight into the distinctive characteristics of the tool
beyond usage, this installation features an excessive, possibly, futile set of objects.
The human expressive use of the black box never completely justifies its procedures,
a meaning of which we can never be sure has escaped us.

The project will fuse and challenge such approaches with the aesthetics and anti-aesthetics of excess.

Of when paraphernalia becomes a talisman that, among other things,
controls and triggers transmissions coming from elsewhere...
Circe's New Equipment Prototype
On these desolate shores where the shipwreck of digital media has cast us, I want pick up pieces of the wreckage and play with them, at least until I find the wand of Circe...
Paraphernalia -install shot from the suite of custom built electronic performance tools by Nancy Mauro-Flude
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small scale early hypotheical mock up
small scale hypotheical Mock up computer parts - projection will be layered over the hardware
This project stems from my long-term interest in paraphernalia, embedding various ‘curiosa’ with emergent technologies making electro-acoustic-gestural electronic performance tools. For instance;
projection docu sample of what will be a live scan of the computer memory, formally known as /dev/mem and outputs this as video and sound
kinetic sculpture | short throw video projection | run time continuous