The <<< Pirate Girls >>> say...
Nancy Mauro-Flude

Medium: installation (concrete poetry, software collage, Wi-Fi meshing assemblage, open AI)

After opting into the artwork - people receive concrete poetry emails from the pirate girls [non human agents] in which they can respond and interact. Communication is enabled with these entities until they email and opt out.

The Pirate Girls say… if you want too receive our transmissions and share mutinous sentiments - simply - email with the request to subscribe and follow the instructions in your in box to:

And you will start to receive emails from The Pirate Girls…
in which your response to share mutinous sentiments is welcome.

To unsubscribe, simply email unsubscribe to

with the request to unsubscribe in the body or the header
"Nancy Mauro-Flude's work attacks the assumed neutrality of technology, digital colonialism and the militarization of social media by exposing the corporate strategies of networked space in her own custom-built WiFi hub, which haunts anyone daring enough to consent to connection."
Jaime Tsai Curator, 'Caught Stealing' (2019).

The <<< Pirate Girls >>> say... Install shot

The <<< Pirate Girls >>> say...Install shot. Image: Peter Morgan

Diadactic -The <<< Pirate Girls >>> say... Install shot.

The <<< Pirate Girls >>> say... Email examples from the INBOX perspective
future implementation LIVE FEED OUTPUT MOVING IMAGE based on human/nonhuman AI Conversation
This is a work in progress - thank you: Danja Vasiliev (programming) Nick Smithies (tech production) Cath Robinson (graphic design) and Jaime Tsai (curator at National Art School).