Nancy Mauro-Flude and Jo Pollitt, Text Drives, National All-Media Improvisation Laboratory, Boiler Room, Backspace Theatre, Theatre Royal, Hobart, Tasmania (2003).
Boilerina / Word drives / Tonite essentially you are the director you get to decide where you look you can follow what you like / An unmediated performance making meaning /

a little girl laughs at the boy on stage who is miming something with out words / He is putting away a movement for later / a bit nervous / but then he said something funny and they are laughing / cause he said he's not a cross over artist in a cross over genre / flying with his shadow / a superman / in the old days superman went from a rocket / still trying to cross over / ballet school when he was three / he deconstructs the gag / sound of music / shadow play is rude when he says Freudian / a little girl makes a laugh sound she's got the flew / he's going to rebuild the cubicle in the ballet school /

plunged into darkness seeking the meaning of the word draft / went down the hall / down down into the foundations crumbling / formations / insinuations lurked in the corner of the bath / so skim the surface as she waited / for a pithy reply / for something to say to the tall dark saucepan as it hurtled ahead across the bathroom floor / the ember dropped leaving its five members / the fire / gets whisper / the man was in the willows the woman was in the wishing well was in the tip shop looking for tins with hinged lids / hats started falling she had to kick them out of the bath / she would have preferred access job concerned as she was / she's read a lot of books / details / she realised there was always the alternative of drinking the bath water / its not fare /the draft started at her knees round the coffee table round the hall round the c table brimming over with insinuations / yeah yeah yeah / no no no no no no no on and on no on on no nononononnononononononononononononononon onononononononononononononononononononononoononononononononon
sometimes she have to shift into a totally different space to escape the sound of her own voice glat galht glah glat galht glah glat galht glah glat galht glah

what she really wanted was silence systematic silence / systematic silence is bad/ silence with out a system / a system depending on silence / so still / she hear sounds of bandicoots being born / bandicoots / a wash a whoosh and see / the drift on the raft on the ocean the draft of time /

Oboe a very highly trained musician / a music stand and a book / very small print / perfect binding / binding they invented to make books they close /

when he does pieces you wont be able to tell when its started / oboe / has not turned the mobile phone off / went off in rehearsal yesterday / very bad form / it was the wrong number 'cause nobody knew it / can loose your job over it easily / hundreds starving from mobile phones left on /

logically consistent poetry / not the word but the letter / a word is a combination of letters/ sounds / bearer of associations ideas /

Page 3 it is impossible to explain the meaning of art / the material consisting is unequivocal / meaning only for the beholder / sound depends of the capacity of the beholder to imagine it / meaning is only object

Dependant on the imaginative capacity of the beholder
The association of ideas cannot be unequivocal because it is dependant solely on the associative capacity of the beholder
Every one has different experiences and remembers associates them differently classical poetry depends on the sub of human beings
Unequivocal it was wrong/ it was based on the association of ideas

on the hill tops
the reader is expected to experience the tranquillity as the poet /
Escaping from the urban social realm /
Associations of ideas are universal becomes clear as one imagine / two people per square kilometre /

Word pump street trash mc / Mary Magdalene / I play St Teresa / rock pig /

Rewind / rewind in in d / a little adjustment / aspiration / hahahahhahhhhhhh / what you have to say what you have to say / I can hear a beat / I can hear a beat / ha ha ha / I can hear / I I I I I I / can hear a beat / if you have a word to say / if you have a rhyme / if you wanna break a back door / don't be afraid to to ah ha to ahha / lay down on the beat / here we go / bring it back like I hope you can / don't be say / getting out with the word on the stage with out being written on the page / don't have the word you don't have the style / more pump more pump / I'm hear cause I stole this land / you wouldn't be here in this building if it wasn't for me / I stole this country from you / oh your making me angry / talk about a celebration / lets talk about a female nation / you look at me / don't even know when he comes from / grab your Melbourne balls in their sack / improvisation in the Tasmanian nation / step up / I'm tagging my brother Evan to speak for me on the drums /

Here we go bring it on back / I'm feeling the pump ooh yeah / i'm still feeling white like sheets in the back yard / ill just have
Beer and a ciggie / cause I'm a 'chiggy / I put on my aus hip hop voice / bring it on like I just don't care i'm from Gagebrook i'm from Hobart / but I don't want to do it like that my style comes from something further back than 82/

Wrest point casino / get your ass kicked /

Sound and fury bridge between theatre sports / how do we let people in on the game of what were doing / not just driven by how to get the joke out / format get our things from the audience / expressed in sound / meet in music /

an issue locally relevant or importance to the audience /

cows / parking fines / down with love / about a couple hating each other then they fall in love / purple

live and unrepeatable / written by the audience / if its not good re think your work /

ducks in pond swimming around status game pecking order ducks acting like chickens / lovers walk hand and hand with each other a bridge / the sweat between the palm of their hands mingles sea salt and city salt / she comes from the shore / the sea shore / she makes pendants out of them where she talk them to festivals to sell / dance parties trance festivals/ she's the tie die type / he likes things fast and hard fast speedy and cocaine he's the last guy that should have that type of stuff / you want to put an orange light in from of him and say SlOW DOWN / come with me into his mind /

somewhere in everyone there is something pure and simple even in the most complex of types / talking about love somewhere in anyone there is something opening up / letting something go / complexity and cynicism / the problem with happiness / stop the world I m happy now / I want to draw a circle around it and get out i'm happy now / I want to be still now /

she says / I think its time for our relationship to move the next level its like on Mario brothers / two hearts meet as one / 70 song titles become relevant / ducks crossing to get the best position of view /

back at the car the parking inspector has arrived / cut to a slow motion scene /

the lovers hand in hand on the side of the bridge see the man / plugging their identity into the machine / self identity represented by a bright red Porsche / sharp sparkling diamond ring / a rock that used to live in a mountain / now its in a coffin / blue velvet case / avarice greed

methodically invented in her since she was about eight year olds/
who likes a parking inspector/ who would take that sort of job / look larry its in there again what do you know / industry / prostitution / and good old parking inspectors /

I was hear in time fuck you mate / one day into this world a child was born in a small suburban shack a little child / ba ba Barina / that was the name of his fathers car / a father in the 80's / the child was born and he had a dream / a dream as he sat in his living room with his large posters of Robert Smith from the cure / Cyndi Lauper a singer rockingly cool / a bit strange / he had a dream he would be someone a tennis racket in his had and he rocked the bedroom / he had a dream he would be someone special / the man on the pedestal / superman / the man who can fly in the sky / superman / jump the building / Christopher reeves an accident superman's a paraplegic fool / theatre is educational / child of ba ba barina / Well manicured lawns / speaking of a bright future/ he wasn't going to be a rock and roll star / stop its too much

So that's why he's a parking inspector josh /and and and and nanaanananannanannnnanannan