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READ_RUN_EXECUTE_ : Pirating the archaic energy by Nancy Mauro-Flude
One of 5 art-works featured and PRESENTED as a part of BLOODBATH --->

Pirating sensor data from the Roller Derby players to use as framework to trigger text feeds - past, present & realtime from skaters, audience and artists. Expanding the action on the track, the screen displays a data-mash: live tweets & text feeds, mapped with the cyclic rolling energy of the skaters, building vibrancy. A montage of conversation, description, conjecture & moments pirated from history and literature.

The fervor of the game and the text transmissions charts a poetic reflection of the spaces in-between, the status updating frenzy, augmenting live action with fragments of experience, a hovering layer of meta-reports unfolding over time, channeled into a new stream. Moments replaying, systems change states in the networked space, a place of release like a telepathic field. Tuning into the archaic energy: ecstatic movements, painful moments, and amorphous chaos. People meeting physically and virtually, sending data through nodes and cells, flows & currents, simultaneously transmitting and receiving. Sub-channeling direct & indirect action via the data feed. Excessive body states on the track, going into the zone, the triggering of intensity, the abstraction of energy, a rush, a stack smudges the line. Building up meaning together but remaining autonomous. Different entry points, inhabitants of many worlds appearing in any one we feel is right at the time we are morphing, moving & alive.

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READ_RUN_EXECUTE_ : Pirating the archaic energy
Nancy Mauro-Flude
MEDIUM: nintendo wii, LED SCREEN 16x9 dimensions variable , Internet, Networked Computer
BLOODBATH show _ RRE- screen next to scoreboard out put of RRE