selected Presentations and Talks
The Aesthetics of Transmission (2017)
Links to talks/performance lectures by Nancy Mauro-Flude
Performance Lecture - Divination: A Romantic Mutiny in A Malestrom of Data (2016)
Performance Lecture Awry Signals (2016)
VVent n VVild VVifi (2019)
Mauro-Flude, Nancy; Geck, Kate (2020), ‘Taxonomy for the Contiguous Spectrum: Corporeal Computing futures and the Performance of Signal Transmission’, 26th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) ISEA2020: WHY SENTIENCE? Montreal.
Performance Lecture Cyberfeminist Genealogy Bed Sheet - transfigured as a flag (2019) in Collaboration with Linda Dement
Mauro-Flude, Nancy, Pollitt, Jo. (2020) ‘We Live Inside the Interstices of the World in the Red Fibres’. Indeterminate Futures / The Future of Indeterminacy Conference, The University of Dundee. Actors Without a Play: On Cosmographic Performance and Indeterminate Presences’

Mauro-Flude, Nancy (2020) ‘Back Door to Paradise’ Dark Eden: The Sixth International Conference on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections between Art Science and Culture, Session 7: A.I. Netherworlds. Artspace, Sydney/ UNSW