Illegible breakdown (2003)

digital video | 9 xdigital Stills

Long live the nomadic, the intermediary, imperiled, & the (re)creator of a region that lies under the shadow of _but is still_ for the moment, outside colonization. Enhancing the illegitimate breakdown of the digital image, I am concerned with what transpires when there are glitches in the flow of transmission & reception. Entwining apparently incongruent codes, signs and knowledge’s, when not acknowledged energy builds up to an eruption point (or a implosion-void).Interventions & scars, can be seen as palimpsests, instead fissures are access points to start a dialogue, with others; especially those who don’t see us as we see ourselves. A place where you can enter into a conversation, otherwise they are just and only, run away processes, broken sessions which never properly terminated. Moments that can’t be processed or integrated and are replaying in the system, usually by those whom are busy defending borders instead of building vibrancy.

This project was employ a self-developed system of electronics using 2.4Ghz video transmitter set up
recording the flows on the streets of Hobart & Sydney.