Gnostic computing - transformation furnaces, calcite field divination & crystallography
Martin Howse / Jonathon Kemp
Occulted Energies: Earth, Alchemy, Electronics and Technology - Presentation
Martin Howse (Artist, Berlin/London)
On Tremulation - Presentation
Jonathan Kemp (Artist, London)
Steve Swings Both Ways - Performance Dr Bill Hart
A Natural History of Media - Presentation
Professor Douglas Kahn:
Director of the World – Performance installation
Emma Bugg
Extraction - Installation
Matt Daniels
Fugitive - Installation
Selena de Carvalho
Dark Crystal – Installation
Jason James
Icy Landscape - interactive digital simulation
Ilyas Khan
AU 79- Installation
Omar Khan and Laura Garófalo
Stone Spirits - Installation
Kathrin Günter
The Earl of Tyenna - Installation
Nick Smithies
Core Litany : a 12 hour collective, constructivist performance executed as a living earth coding laboratory.
Devised and
curated by Nancy Mauro-Flude in collaboration with Martin Howse and Johnathan Kemp.
Participant contributions :
ACT 1: Calcination 09:00 – 13:30
ACT 2: Dissolution 14:00 – 17:00
ACT 3: Purification 18:00 - 21:00
The Aesthetics of Transmission - Presentation
Nancy Mauro-Flude