She is finding unlit roads and returning with messages of those she encounters there. She takes those steps more constantly than ever. It is safe to walk with me where you can read the sky and the Stars. We can go far.... Marianne Faithfull
Beyond the Hall of Marvels - 7 act monologue - performed by a non-human.

You may tread the boards, if you are guided by the light - there's always more to experience. It takes heed of Leibniz’s 'Drôle de pensée' (funny thoughts) a Palace of Marvels, a space of encounters, and curiosities.
Curated by Erin Marie Sickler, 'Exhaust' is presented by Contemporary Art Tasmania with MONA - Museum of Old and New Art as part of MONA FOMA.
Nancy Mauro-Flude, Beyond Hall of Marvels, Performance installation 7-act monologue / spoken word by computer (1h.17min) / Loop Station / Marshall Amplification. exhaust, Curated by Erin Sickler, 2016, Contemporary Art Tasmania.Photo Lou Conboy.