All Of Us (girls) Have Been Dead For So Long...
Nancy Mauro-Flude

Performance : 40 min

A girl pays homage to the damned (girls). She links these to herself & to myths having survived in sagas & fairy tales. She undertakes a journey into the land of the dead in order to become free. She loves the land of the dead. It has as a kind of opiate oblivion beauty, but she resists death. She refuses death on behalf of all the dead girls and also rages at the emptiness of life. Surviving in life despite its inadequacies and infuriating restrictions. She has returned with a powerful force, back into the land of the living. Survives as a fugitive, eluding the authorities that would attempt to transform her into death again.

Levitating upon reefs of contradiction, the revolting female body explores different states, selves, times & spaces. Ancient & tragic narratives are transformed, people are turned into glitches, as the she spins through landscapes, dances through compost heaps, and speaks into portholes of time.

concept / performance / programming / text: Nancy Mauro-Flude
text: Kathy Acker - extracts from Novel 'Pussy King of the Pirates'
sound: Lisa Gerrad, Golden Retriever, curseovdialect
Technical & Artistic Support: Linda Dement, Fiona Tan, DasArts
Illustration: Fredie Bayer
Production Manager: Alexander Godschalk